The True Cost of a Sustainable Brand

Most businesses are driven by profit and Mangata certainly isn't like most businesses. We are driven by being the way-shower in creating lasting change in the Fashion industry, to focus on the need to be better for the environment, workers, and the animals. Mangata is an online vegan clothing boutique that curates capsule wardrobes from sustainable brands with ethical supply chains

As Mangata was being built, there was a discovery on why businesses turn a blind eye to the negative repercussions that fast fashion has on their business model. It's to simply fill their pockets with more money. If we were to buy a dress on Alibaba, which is a popular website where businesses can buy inventory from, the dress would be around $4.33. It’s mind blowing to think that a dress can be manufactured and shipped across the world for as little as $5 dollars. That covers shipping, materials, profit for the supplier as well as the wages for the workers in garment factories. I can’t imagine how little the garment workers receive from the $5 dress that they made. One dress wholesale that is a high quality natural material and handmade would cost around $90. $90 vs $5 is a huge difference. The real difference is the ethics behind it. Fair wages for garment workers and quality pieces made to last that are good for the environment.

The increased cost of sustainable production can also be seen in the packaging of products and shipping materials. Tags, bags and labels purchased in bulk from Chinese suppliers cost a lot less than it would from fully sustainable recycled companies such as eco-enclosed.

Where we put our money is essentially where we are placing our vote. Vote for vegan, sustainable, and ethical fashion at Mangata Boutique.

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