How Mångata Came to Moonlight

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Welcome to Mangata an online vegan clothing boutique that curates capsule wardrobes from sustainable brands with ethical supply chains.

At a young age, I had a deep love and connection with animals. Like most, I grew up eating meat but I had always felt uncomfortable doing so. When I was younger I thought I had to eat meat since it was normalized in society. Fast forward, in 2016 I decided to look more into veganism and I am so thankful that I did! I gained the awareness of a whole new world. As I progressed into this journey, I cared more about my health and the environment. It also shined the light on what it means to be a conscious consumer. I felt more aligned with my mind, body, and soul.

I’ve always wanted to be an entrepreneur and that door opened in 2020. I wanted to build a business that would create lasting change in this world. I put my passion for animals, the environment, spirituality, and my humanitarian heart into action. I knew that getting into the fashion industry was the best place to start. It allowed me to address all of the current problems we are facing in the industry and that aligned with values and my passion.

Problem 1: The fashion industry is less than perfect when it comes to being better for the environment with fast fashion on the rise. My mission was clear to solve sustainability issues and to teach others how to be a conscious consumer.

Problem 2: Unfortunately to most sustainable doesn’t mean vegan, even though animal agriculture and the fur trade play a part in the environmental disaster. I do not believe animals need to be sacrificed for fashion. I believe in being kind to all beings and that all beings are worthy. Animals deserve to be left alone and to live in peace.

Problem 3: There is a reason clothes are cheap because it comes at a cost. Garment workers work long hours with minimal pay in unsafe working conditions which saddens my heart.

Problem 4: With fast fashion on the rise it unconsciously teaches people to have bad consuming habits and to not value their items. With years of practice as a conscious consumer not only do I put those practices into buying for the boutique, I want to teach others who wants to learn on how to become a better consumer.

All of these problems exist because they were meant to be solved. This is how Mångata came to moonlight. If you like to join the movement follow us on instagram @mangataboutiquechs and subscribe to our youtube channel for tips. Head over to our website in the description to shop guilt free and consciously at Mangata Boutique.

Love & Light,


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