6 Ways To Be A Mindful Consumer - Fashion Edition

At Mångata we are dedicated in helping anyone who wants to learn how to be a mindful consumer. Here are 6 ways to be shop mindful - fashion edition:

TIP ONE: Go for clothes that are high quality

High quality clothes are made up of natural fibers such as linen, modal, cotton, tencel, and more. Unlike low quality clothes, high quality will retain their shape over time as long as they are taken care of. You won't need to replace these items and can cherish them for years to come.

TIP TWO: Shop less, choose better

Invest in well-made staple pieces that can be dressed up or down. You can find these items in our Capsule Wardrobe. Avoid buy-and-toss behavior.

TIP THREE: Value and take care of the clothes you own

Be sure to check the tag on the clothing item and wash as directed.

TIP FOUR: Buy clothes that represent your personal style

Authenticity is sustainable. Trends can hang in your closet untouched, unworn, with the tag still attached.

TIP FIVE: Support vegan, ethical, and sustainable brands

TIP SIX: Buy with intention

Love & Light,


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