5 Reasons You Should Avoid Fast Fashion

Reason 1: LOW QUALITY FABRIC The clothing is designed to fall apart. If clothing feels cheap, fast, and disposable, thats how we treat it.

Reason 2: The garment purchased will go out of style soon.

When a consumer buys fast fashion they are constantly keeping up with trends rather then focusing on their personal style.

Reason 3: You spend more buying fast fashion.

Your investment may not seem like much upfront but you end up spending more. Fast fashion teaches you to keep up with trends and since the garments are low quality, you will end up tossing it away in exchange for new clothing. The money you save from not having to re-buy clothing items or keeping up with trends can be reinvested into doing things you love, or learning new skills


Fast fashion garment workers work in unsafe working conditions with unfair wages. I recommend researching Rana Plaza and/or watching the movie "True Cost"


There are so many ways fast fashion has a negative impact on the environment. For one, the fast fashion industry is the second largest industry when it comes to pollution.

At Mångata Boutique we support the slow fashion movement. Mångata is an online vegan clothing boutique that curates capsule wardrobes from sustainable brands with ethical supply chains. THIS is fashion.

Shop consciously at Mångata Boutique Love & Light,


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