Our Values


Mångata is vegan for the animals. We do not sell any products that have animal based ingredients or test on animals. We believe these sentient beings were sent here to show us and express unconditional love. We send unconditional love back by taking action and speaking up for the voiceless.


What does sustainability mean to us?


Sustainability is the act of caring for mother earth, animals, and humans by making the best possible choice that one can make and assessing our choices as we evolve and new circumstances evolve.

We love Mother Earth and are so grateful for the home and resources Mother Earth provides for us. We curate capsule wardrobes that are seasonless. A capsule wardrobe lessens the demand on clothes replacement. We focus on carrying classic and timeless pieces to promote more wear and less waste. Our belief is quality over quantity. Our capsule wardrobe stand the test of time in terms of style, construction, color, and material.

We use sustainable packaging that is biodegradable and recyclable. To learn more about our packaging please head over to
FAQ.  We buy from sustainable brands with ethical supply chains. The brands we carry produce in small batches.

We do not promote sales to ensure less consumption and to encourage buyers to buy with intention. 


All of our products are ethically made. We believe it's a workers right to work in a safe environment and be paid a fair wage.


Our capsule wardrobe is ready to be tailored to your authentic style because authenticity is sustainable! Mångata is a community of free thinkers on the journey to our highest self, empowering others by empowering ourselves first.